Winter Wonderland Party Week: Food and Drink

There is something so syrupy sweet about a Winter Wonderland party that we get the actual urge to serve syrup.  Why not make your next winter wonderland party a winter brunch!?

Encourage your guests to arrive in their finest holiday flannel jammies and indulge in the finest treats brunch has to offer: 

For sweets we like the idea of playing up the blues and whites in this party with rock candy, cupcakes, cookies and cake pops!

Sparkling cider is always a hit with the kiddos and adds to the sparkle appeal in the winter wonderland theme or you could get even more festive and try a blue punch!

As you can see we stole this sparkling cider idea from a kids new years eve inspired post…  but you catch our drift.  Keeping things fun and festive is about all the thought you need to put into an event for your little ones.  Slap one of our custom birthday stickers in place of the “2011″ and you’ve done just that!

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  1. never thought of doing sparkling cider at a children’s party before, great idea!!

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