Watermelon Party Week Round II: Food and Drink Ideas

*** Parts of this post were pulled from last year’s “Watermelon Party Week” in August 2012

Fresh watermelon slices is the easy food/decor option for a watermelon party:

1. watermelon on a stick, 2. watermelon balls, 3. fresh watermelon

On a stick, in a ball or the traditional triangle!  But what else?

We thought we’d roll with a picnic theme meaning each child picks a little sack lunch out of a giant picnic basket and grabs a blanket to go find a spot on the grass to sit and enjoy!

 1.watermelon picnic basket, 2. burlap bags, 3. sandwich image, 4. crackers image, 5. picnic watermelon slices, 6. juice image

1. galvanized bucket image, 2. blankets image

Simply roll the blankets up and place them in a galvanized bucket or cool basket with a little “take one” sign (customized by yours truly).

Pure delight.

Popsicleswatermelon pops, cupcakes and cookies round out our meal and curb that sweet tooth:

1. watermelon pops, 2. cupcakes, 3. cookies, 4. Popsicles

And there’s plenty of room to get creative with your drinks as well:

1. punch bowl, 2. mason jars, 3.  watermelon martini

How cute are those little mason jars?!  So simple, and amazing what a small shred of coordinating fabric can do!  Whether you’re going alcoholic like this watermelon martini or non alcoholic there’s great options to choose from.

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