Watermelon Party Week Round II: Favors and Activities

The beauty of having a picnic to accompany the watermelon party is you can use activities you’re probably very familiar with, but your kids and their friends may have never even played before!

1. burlap sack race, 2. bean bag toss game, 3.bean bag image, 4. three legged race image, 5. Burlap sack, 6. wheel barrow race image

Outdoor games will keep kids busy and adults thoroughly entertained.  And don’t forget about incorporating the watermelon into the games:

1. watermelon roll image, 2. eating contest image, 3. seed spitting image

Roll, Eat, Spit!

Aka Roll the watermelon in a watermelon race, Eat the watermelon in a watermelon eating contest and Spit the seeds in a seed spitting contest.  I mean how often do we really ask that our kids spit!?  They’ll love it.

For the favors these mini picnic baskets adorned with “thanks for coming to my birthday picnic!” tags (care of PartyOnPurpose of course) are totally fitting.  Or you could skip the usual “treats in a bag” type favor and send your guests home with a jar of watermelon jam.

1. watermelon jam image, 2.  mini picnic baskets, 3. watermelon candy

So much fun to be had and so little time and most importantly so little money that needs to be spent!  Most of these games can be done with very little funds which shows just how far being silly and surrounded by the people you care about most really make your party and the rest is just extra details you can choose to worry about or choose NOT to worry about.

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