Watermelon Party Week Round II: New in Shop and Decor Ideas

*** Parts of this post were pulled from last year’s “Watermelon Party Week” in August 2012

Last year during Watermelon Party Week we featured a little sneak peek of our Watermelon Party Decor here.  This year we’re ready to show a full set of party decor off!

Adorable right!?  We love the idea of a Watermelon Party backyard picnic (or find a local park) and some additional decor ideas include:

Chalkboards!!   The above chalkboard is actually a reclaimed headboard – seriously folks you can turn nearly any surface into a chalk board with a little chalkboard paint.

Keep the chalkboard theme moving throughout the party with signs for the food table, favors and games:

 1. green chalkboard, 2. chalkboard menu, 3. chalkboard, 4. chalkboard signs

It’s Chalkboard Mania!!  Oh and ps, each of these chalkboards is also available on Etsy (minus our photo-shopped text).

We also love, love, love the idea of tons of fresh flowers in vintage cans.  Again, each of the below cans be found on Etsy, or get creative and hit up your local thrift stores… who knows what you might find:

1. flower cans, 2. milk jug,  3. V8 cans, 4. watering can 5. floral canisters

red wagon is the perfect home for for iced water bottles (wrapped in POP water bottle labels to coordinate!), vintage Coca Cola bottles or any other watermelon drinks.  We like to picture this wagon parked at the end of a long red gingham covered picnic table, perhaps with a little chalkboard sign saying “take one”??? See how I just brought this post full circle?!

 1. picnic table image, 2. coke image, 3. wagon image, 4. chalkboard signs

And if you’re wondering how our darling banners, cupcake toppers, signs and party hats play into this whole deal… see below:

1. picnic table cloth image,  2. wagon image, 3. coke image, 4. chalkboard signs, 5. milk jug, 6. watermelon hat, 7. watermelon centerpiece stick, 8.flower cans,  9. chalkboard, 10. centerpiece sticks, 11. watermelon hat, 12.chalkboard menu , 13. chalkboard signs, 14. V8 cans, 15. watering can, 16. picnic table cloth


Tomorrow we’ll be tying all of this adorable decor right in with the food and drink ideas to complete the perfect watermelon picnic, don’t miss it!


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