Valentine’s Day Week: Food and Drink Ideas

We came across a few Valentine’s Day lunch ideas, we absolutely love and we think your kids will love them too:

The muffin tin mom strikes again with a heart shaped muffin tin meal  for your kiddos’ Valentine’s Day:

 But let’s be realistic… valentine’s day is all about the sweets and we certainly aren’t lacking inspiration for that!

A Farm Girl’s Dabbles had such sweet inspiration she gets her own collage:

For drinks, anything red or pink will do!  But if you want to get creative we are just dying over these Valentine’s Floats:

Just use cherry 7-up, ice cream and red sprinkles!  We also spotted folks using red vines as straws or you can nab a red/pink striped straw out of our shop!

Lastly, this love potion smoothie is a sweet treat that’s sure to make your Valentine smile.

For more Valentine’s day inspiration get back here tomorrow when we’ll be talking about unique valentines your child can hand out, as well as some activities you can do at home to keep the love flowing.  Also, enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any post this week!

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  1. Now I’m thinking of all the food I can shape into a heart, great ideas!

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