Truck Party Week: Food and Drink Ideas

It’s Truck Party Week and we’re keeping an outdoor picnic in mind (being summer and all).  There are obviously soooo many things you can do for a picnic, heck even laying out a couple blankets and enjoying a nice PB and J platter would work:

But we’re going to go slightly more sophisticated without losing the simplicity or the deliciousness… is it just me or does that sandwich look friggin amazing right now though!?

We talked last week about activities that double as favors and this week we’re on a food/drink that double as decor kick.  On the food front we like baskets of berries paired with butter & jam and biscuits for a little “scone bar”.  SO CHARMING!

Thank you Martha for the delightful recipe ;) and for the wonderful time we had on the Christmas sweater episode of your show!

Additional meal options could include corn on the cob, mac ‘n cheese, and fried chicken.  Down home cooking for a down home kinda picnic.  After dinner pile the kids in the back of the truck and go for a hay ride why dontcha!?

 Picnic-ly Perfect.

Old fashioned coke bottles pair with the theme sweetly, but if they’re a bit too pricey for your budget you can always set out a few as part of your decor and instead (or in addition) make pitchers of lemonade to fill up mason jars piled high in a galvanized bucket or two.  Again more adorable edible/drinkable decor!

Tomorrow we’ll talk more decor and party favors and of course don’t forget our digital “you print” invite giveaway at the end of the week.  All you gotta do to enter to win is leave a comment!

Credit Where Credit is Due:
Mac ‘n cheeseFried ChickenLemonade , Coke Bottles (unfortunately we can’t seem to find where we grabbed this image. If  you recognize it please let us know and we’ll link it up!)

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