Truck Party Week: Decor and Favors

Me thinks ya’ll are gonna sense a theme on this here blog because we just plain cant help ourselves…

dual purpose favor, decor, drinks and activities

These are  a few of our favorite things.  We’re nailing this 1-2-punch with these adorable little wooden trucks that would look darling lined up on an activity table (decor) the kiddos can paint (activity) and then take home with them (favor) BOOOO YAAAAA!

Throw a little favor bag of goodies in the back end before sending your guests on their merry little way.  Man do we love a good tag team…

I thought you knew…

Favor Tins are another darling way to house your traditional car/truck party favors and treats and the container adds to the party’s appeal.  If you prefer blue/red/green tins check these out.  As for what to put inside, obviously toy trucks would be so very fitting, but we also enjoy these coke bottle candies or you could get really creative and make some coke bottle cookies.


We mentioned edible and drinkable decor in our post yesterday and while these red polkadot balloons are purely for your guests viewing pleasure, these darling red stripe straws will plunk nicely into those coke bottles we were chatting about!

Wooden crates double as cake stands and storage, just flip them upside down or right side up for whichever purpose you need!

We found this awesome DIY that takes a plain old wooden crate and scuffs it up a for some rustic/vintage appeal.

Of course our Party On Purpose Cupcake Toppers, Hats, and more for this adorable truck party can be found in our etsy shop.  Add some finishing touches include checkered picnic tablecloths, berry baskets (filled with berries or whatever else you want to set out) and we love the idea of finding vintage trucks that could house things like condiments and napkins in their beds.

Our truck party fun comes to a close tomorrow when we share our inspiration board and announce the winner of our giveaway. Just leave a comment and you’re entered to win a digital “you print” invitation to ANY party in our shop.  Good luck!

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