Tools Party Week: Food and Drink

For Dump Truck Party Week we discussed food you can “load up” on and for today’s main course we’re feeling that same flow… ala baked potato.  We loved this spud bar idea discussed on “The Fun Cheap or Free Queen” blog and did she just say fun, cheap or free?  Count us in!  Of course we want to take this adult friendly idea and expand on it in a kid friendly way.  Instead of bleu cheese think cheeze whiz and let the kiddos do the loading, some bacon bits on the floor never hurt nobody.

From there you can go on a full potato bonanza and include tater tots, potato skins, french fries.  With all sorts of kid friendly dips to choose from.  Load up!

For the sweet tooth we spotted these tool cookies on Etsy that are too cute to pass on, or if you’re feeling ambitious enough to give baking a whirl these cookie cutters will send you in a similar direction.  Add a little food coloring to the cookie dough and let the kids decorate their own cookies as part of the activity like our customer party from yesterday.  I smell a food meets activity combination!!  The dirt cups and cupcakes featured in yesterday’s post are great sweet treats as well.

Get creative with your drinks and have your little toolmen and women build their own straws!  Plunk em into a box of milk and just watch how nicely milk goes down when you make it silly.

Decorating cookies and making your own silly straw will keep your guests busy and satisfied and may be plenty for a small party looking for just a couple easy activities (the kids could take home their custom made straw as their party favor).  However, if you want even more favor and activity ideas get back here tomorrow where we’ll be talking homemade playdough and toolman party favors fit for any future Bob the Builder.  Lastly, if you haven’t already, please enter to win our giveaway for a free digital “you print” invitation good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any post this week.

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  1. I loved silly straws as a kid, they’ve come a long way!!

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