Tools Party Week: Favors and Activities

Yesterday we talked about decorating your own tool shaped cookies and making your own silly straws for activities you can eat, drink and take home with you:

Today we’re going to talk about these adorable personalized party hats, tool belts and tool box party favors that will outfit each of your party go-ers as they walk out the door:

Featured in our post on Tuesday we just love how this customer personalized everything (so thoughtful), but some of her ideas were seriously easy enough for even the layMom to tackle.

For instance, these tool belts are actually nail aprons similar to this found at Home Depot for about $.75 each.  From there all you need is some felt and hot glue to customize.  The stickers on the hat were made by yours truly and again add such a thoughtful finishing touch.  You can also order our custom gable boxes (aka tool boxes) to finalize your tool man attire!

For your activity you can stick with making straws and decorating cookies or get messy and lay down some parchment paper so the kids can dig into some homemade play dough.  Setting out some kid friendly tools for them to use to cut, roll, hammer, etc. will keep the play dough fun coming!

The blue prints taped to the tables were such a sweet idea and the kids can color right on top of them.  Staples prints engineering prints this size for really cheap and you can find example prints online like these by simply searching for “blue print plans”.

Send your guests on their merry way with tool box in tow and your mommy guests will thank you for leaving their child with an evening worth of fun to be had playing Tim the Toolman Taylor.

Tomorrow we’ll be drawing the winner of our free custom printable invitation good for any party in our shop, so be sure to leave a comment on any post this week for your chance to win!!

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  1. Definitely doing keeping those tool belts in mind for Mr.’s next party…

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