Sunshine Party Week: The Real Deal

We admit it…  we’re partial to the sunshine party.

  • Maybe it’s because we all have seasonal affective disorder thanks to the Seattle rain.
  • Maybe it’s because little Charley’s blue eyes are to die for and could make a dog poop party look cute.
  • Or maybe it’s because Charley’s mom (also know as Mrs. Newly of the ever-so-witty Not So Newly) happens to be one of our very best friends, so getting the opportunity to help decorate this little sweetheart’s birthday was especially special.

Either way, we’re partial.  Keep reading and we think you’ll agree.

Of course we had to kick things off with a super sunny invitation:

And once you pair our decor with tiny Charley’s sweet face you get pure birthday magic:

Loving the fresh flowers and the mini flower pots filled with lemon heads for party favors…

Gonna have to sneak in one more shot of the birthday girl for good measure… did we mention her killer blue eyes?

Having one of the most crazy beautiful families on the planet (inside and out) doesn’t make our decor look too shabby either.

Thanks for sharing Charley and Family, we love you!!

If you haven’t yet, leave a comment on any post this week in order to be entered to win a free printable invite good for any party in our shop!  Tomorrow we’re taking the sun and shedding it upon your food and drink choices for Sunshine Party Week, stay tuned!


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