Sunshine Party Week: Inspiration Board and Giveaway

***Please note this is a re-post from Sept 2012

Please don’t take my sunshine away!!!!  We hate to bring Sunshine Party Week to a close mostly because it’s so darn sunny and cute but also because something about the sun going down on Sunshine Party Week has us feeling like the sun is setting on summer too.  Kids are going back to school, September is here, and all of our customers have stopped ordering beach balls and started ordering penguins!

Let’s bask in the sunshine for a little longer and enjoy Sunshine Party Week for one more day…  And for anyone interested in ordering this party keep in mind that bringing the sunshine to October and November (or any month for that matter) never hurt nobody!

Congrats to Laura (who mentioned that the pulled pork sandwich from Wednesday’s post looks scrumptious!), you’re our winner of the printable invite!  You can convo us any time in our Etsy shop to claim your prize!!  And we hope ya’ll will come on back here next week when we’ll be talking about our Dump Truck Party Ideas.

Where to Find it:
Food: sunshine cake popscookies
Drink: lemonade stand and or lemonade jars
Decor:  yellow and pink  pomsfree sunshine printable, convo us on Etsy to order our decor
Activities: craftbubblesgiant bubblebubble craftbubble wand
Favors: lemonheads, bubbles, yellow candy treats
Attire: dress1pillow case dress patternyellow rompermommy and me shirt set


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  1. Just missed the giveaway!! Darn, hoping you have another next week so I can actually have a shot at winning. Re-pinning this board to my party ideas pinterest right now!!

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