Spa Party Week: The Real Deal

The one and only Scary Mommy actually used our Spa Party decor for her daughter Lily’s Spa Party!  We were so honored to be included ;) .  You can read all about this self-proclaimed glutton for punishment’s internal battle with hosting a party at home vs at some play space outside of the home where a lovely staff is left with your mess, here.  Or hop to the photos of our decor below:

Thanks to Scary Mommy for making us feel so Spa-cial and sharing all of the party details with your perfectly imperfect readers!  Anyone interested in purchasing this decor can find an example package in our Etsy Shop.

We’re chatting all about food and drink ideas for the spa party tomorrow, so get back here to check that out.  Leave a comment on any blog post this week to be entered to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop.

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  1. This party is too cute!

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