Pumpkin Party Week: The Real Deal

The Pumpkin Party is one of newer designs that similar to last week, we haven’t had a chance to list in the shop.  This customer party was too cute not to share even though we only have a couple images.

A little tower of cuteness from the tip of the smash cake topper down to the party hat ribbon!  We love how this customer rotated between little pumpkins on top of the cupcakes and our cupcake toppers.

A bag of halloween candy/goodies to thank guests for coming!

Please keep in mind each and every one of our orders can be customized.  If you want a little more orange/brown and a little less pink, let us know!  This party can also be made a bit more boy friendly by making that adorable little pumpkin a little less girly, just ask!

Coming up tomorrow we’ll be talking food and drink ideas for the pumpkin party so come on back for that and if you haven’t already please leave a comment on this post in order to be entered to win a free digital “you print” invitation good for any party in our shop.  Thanks!

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