Pumpkin Party Week: Favors and Activities

A pumpkin party is a wonderful opportunity to get a second use out of a Halloween costume.  My own son’s birthday is in October and even when his theme isn’t Halloween related he often asks me if he can wear his costume (of course it’s his favorite outfit at that time each year!)…  Encourage your guests to come party in style and wear their costumes!

And what are costumes without a costume contest where everybody wins!  Make awards on the fly that apply to each person’s attire with our awesome free printable:

“Most Spooky”, “Prettiest Princess”, “Scariest”, “Most Silly”, the possibilities are endless and let the birthday boy/girl help you decide which guest is awarded what.

For another activity rather than carve pumpkins, why not paint them?  And rather than paint them like this:

Why not paint them like this:

or pin them like this:

or if you want to ditch the pumpkins all together we found another darling craft that will double as Halloween party decor in your guest’s homes for years to come!

Whether permitting we thought it might be fun to get outside and have some fun as well:

Don’t send your guests home empty handed!  These paper pumpkin favor bags can be filled with goodies and these waffle cone candy favors are just about as cute as it gets!

 Tomorrow we’ll be drawing the winner of a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop so be sure to leave a comment on any post this week to be entered to win!

Credit Where Credit is Due:
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  1. Thanks for the link up! I am so excited for Fall! I love this time of year!

  2. We have loads of pine cones in our back yard! I’m so trying those little owls…

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