Pinwheel Party Week: Food and Drink

There’s a quick and easy way to have a festive pinwheel spread for your next pinwheel party, and that is to simply… stick with pinwheels:

 ham and cheese pinwheelsturkey pinwheelspizza pinwheels,  pinwheel flowers and bacon pinwheels will serve as your salty and substantial options while:

pinwheel cookiescherry pinwheelspinwheel pastriesapple wedgespear tart, pinwheel cupcakes, pinwheel cake, peppermint pinwheels will serve as your sweets!

For drinks you can either stick with the color scheme via sparkling juices like izze, or go with a more whimsical option by placing little pinwheels inside a mason jar drink and call it a day!  We like how they stuck limes at the bottom of these drinks to give the pinwheel something to cling to.  A lemon slice (with our color scheme) would work perfectly!  We just love this coordinating piece of fabric tied around each jar, so charming!

Our Pinwheel inspired set of straws pairs with all of these drinks smashingly as well!

Tomorrow we’re taking a turn towards favor-town and the university of activities… we hope you’ll come back to enjoy the journey!  Enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop, by leaving a comment on any post this week!

Where to Find it:
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  1. yummy and cute :)

  2. Love that cupcake!

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