Pink Penguin Party Week: Favors and Activities

If it’s snowing in your neck of the woods odds are there are plenty of snow related activities that fit with the penguin theme – just setting the kids free to play outside before coming in to enjoy their hot cocoa bar would work!  If you’re more like us over here in Seattle and you can’t count on the snow we’ve got a couple Pink Penguin Party ideas for you to work with including…

This penguin craft:

A penguin game:

A penguin pinata:

Is it just me or is the thought of taking a bat to that sweet face a little heartbreaking?  If the kids will have fun, then the adults will have to grin and bare it ;) .

And this penguin artwork (love the addition of the pink bow):

A fun decor touch would be to hang these penguin beach balls throughout the space, sending each child home with one as a party favor!

Some additional favor ideas include these hair clips which are darling and would match the Pink Penguin Party perfectly if you gave the penguin it’s own little pink bow.  However, if you’re not the craftiest of crafter you could buy pre-made clips like these we found on Etsy or scrap the clips and stick with this hot cocoa party favor.  Not only does it pair well with the hot cocoa bar we discussed yesterday, but it looks way cuter than the effort put into making it!

Budget friendly fun for all!  Get back here tomorrow to have a look at our week’s round up of all things Pink Penguin and find out if you won the digital invitation good for any party in our shop, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on any post this week!


  1. Those penguin beach balls are pretty darn cute!


  3. Thanks for linking to my penguin beanbag toss!

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