Peach Party Week: Food and Drink Ideas

The easiest way to make your theme pull some weight when you’re dealing with a specific fruit/food/drink – is to have an abundance of it available not only to eat, but on display!  In this case, peaches work double duty by not only being edible but being adorable:

1) peach on a stick, 2) boxes of peaches, 3) bowl of peaches, 4) peach picking images

Bowls, barrels, slices or whole!  Having an array of peaches set out as part of your food spread is so super multi-functional!

Sweets are another great way to take your peach literally:

1)lolli pops, 2)cupcakes, 3) Cake Pops, centerpiece wrap, 4) peach cobbler, 5)peach cookies, 6)pie on a stick, 7)peach “one” cookies, 8)cupcakes, 9)peach candy buffet, 10)Custom Peaches and Cream Cupcakes and cupcake toppers

Glass apothecary jars filled with peach colored candies, are such a simple yet elegant touch!  On the less expensive side we always love the idea of putting mason jars to work and in this case housing some yummy peach cobbler.

Don’t forget to “spike” your drinks with peach:

1) straws, 2) peach crush, custom stickers, 3) peach sangria, 4) peach bellinis, custom menu, 5) peach tea

We mentioned these peach bellinis yesterday and the custom recipe menu we created so the adults at the party could DIY their own drink.  Peach tea, peach crush and peach sangria round out some of our favorite peach party drinks.  They all look darling when paired with our peach polka dot straws and garnished with a fresh peach slice!  I wonder how many times I’ve said “peach” in this post?  If I were the president of Peach-ville I’d probably get imPEACHed!

This isn’t all of our peach-spiration… tomorrow we round up all of the goodies we talked about this week and more in one awesome inspiration board for you to hang onto as you tackle your next peach party.  It’s totally peachy and you don’t want to miss it!

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