Owl Party Week: We Put Birds on Things

A while back our friends over in Portlandia gave us an idea…

Put a bird on it!  Is it just us or is this so spot on?  Take an average tote, throw a bird on it, and you’ve got yourself a delicious carrier pigeon number:
We took this theory of putting a bird on it, applied it to party making, and SLAM two of our top sellers were created.  The bird party and this week’s feature, the OWL PARTY:

Who knew this little creature:
Could bring such joy to your children.

Stay tuned all week as we discuss a few of our different owl party themes (both boy and girl friendly) and all the owl-tastic ways you can use this goofy bird to make your little one’s special day fun!  We’re also giving away a free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop and all you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment on any post this week.  Good Luck!

Credit Where Credit is due:
owl image

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