Owl Party Week: Food and Drink

Owl Party Week continues and we’ve got a few owl-centric ways to bring this theme right into your party’s cuisine.  Rather than buffet style the entire event why not sit the kiddos down and serve these carefully crafted owl sandwiches while your adult guests munch on an owl cheese and crackers spread:

Sweet tooth cravings are cured with these brown owl cookiescolorful owl cookiessmores, cupcakes and more!

For drinks we pondered a couple options including an apple cider punch with adorable little cinnamon sticks (very “woodsie” dontcha think?) or chocolate milk to bring out the “brown” in the party decor and then it dawned on us…it’s these very situations where there isn’t really a drink option that fits perfectly that our water bottle wraps sure come in handy:

Made to match our party decor and just a piece of tape away from covering the logo on any bottle, they’re cute, functional, and solve that whole “no drink really goes with this party” problem!

If you haven’t yet entered to win a free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop all you have to do is leave a comment on any post this week and you’re in.  Get back here tomorrow where we’ll be talking fun favors and activities for Owl Party Week.


  1. Thanks for linking up my Owl Cookies! I LOVE owls and I totally love this adorable roundup!

  2. Question about the labels….Can the waters be refrigerated with these? Or do you have to serve them room temperature?

    I just started following you on FB, you have great ideas! Hope to hear from you soon, Will I be notified by email if a response is made to this post?

    • POP Team

      Great question Christin! Our water bottle lables are water resistant so not only will they hold up against the condensation from a fridge but you can throw them in a cooler too!

  3. Thanks for featuring my Owl Cheese. I’m glad you like it. Your water bottle labels are great. What a fun addition to a party.

  4. awesome ideas, love the water bottle lables

  5. Do you make those water bottle labels in various themes? For any party?? Such creative ideas, thanks for sharing.

    • POP Team

      We sure do Molly! Each of our orders are customized and we carry hundreds of themes (many aren’t even in our shop yet). Just drop us a convo on Etsy to see if we have what you are looking for!

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