Little Man Mustache Bash Party Week

How on earth facial hair like this:

Inspired a full on party theme as cute as this:

we may never know… but what we do know, is it’s darn cute and we aren’t arguing with it! ¬†We’ve actually done this party with a couple different color schemes (keep in mind we’re happy to customize!), some that focus on the stache and others that focus on the neck tie:

This week we’ll be focusing on the blue/green/black combo and the mustache!

Stick around for all things “Little Man Mustache Bash” all week and be sure to leave a comment on any post this week (see if you can incoporate the word “mustache” for an extra entry!) and you’re entered to win a digital “you print invite good for any party in our shop!


  1. I love that idea. that would be a stashing party.

  2. Super cute. Families with little boys mustache all these ideas away for a great party theme when their birthdays come around :)

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