Ladybug Party Week: Food and Drink

Sometimes the most simple color schemes can actually provide room for plenty of  food and drink inspiration.  With the Ladybug Party all you really need is red and black and you’re good!  Think red candies, black olives, red fruits, black berries, red punch, black straws… you catch our drift.

Or take things quite literally and make ladybug bites!

Doesn’t our cutlery mix in smashingly?  For sweets we couldn’t resist this ladybug cake pan and you don’t need mad frosting skills to do a chocolate head, red body, and chocolate dots!

We also love these sweet treat ideas from the ever-so-creative RoseBakes:

For a refreshments we spotted this tasty looking ladybug punch!  Those are blueberries floating inside:

Now wasn’t that easy?  There’s more simple ideas where these came from coming up tomorrow in the form of activities and favors so don’t forget to come back and check ‘em out!

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