Jungle Party Week: Inspiration Board and Giveaway

We’re sad to see Jungle Party Week come to a close because it’s such an awesome twist on something your kids LOVE brought to life in such an adult/calm/soothing way.  Something about these colors just make us want to lounge out back with a nice spritzer.  And I’m not 100% sure what a spritzer is.

We think we pretty well covered the gambit with the above inspiration board but if you think we forgot something please let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to pin it onto our pinterest board.  Lastly, congrats to Jamie you’re the winner of our giveaway this week and the new proud owner of a digital “you print” invitation for any party in our shop.  HOORAY!  We’ll connect with you later today.

Next week we’ll be chatting about all things beach ball and we sure hope you’ll join us!

Where To Find It:

Food: These cookies from Etsy could double as party favors and Amy made the lion cupcakes for her son a couple years ago and can vouch for their adorablness…  carmel corn makes a great lion’s mane.  And how cute are the little melon bowls we pictured?  You’ll have to pick yourself up a melon baller to achieve this look or chop your melon up and throw em on kabobs.
Drink: melon rumballa for your adult guests and lemonade in mason jars for the little ones.
Decor: We spotted these straws on etsy which are so cute they’re basically functional decor when placed in a mason jar.  All of the cupcake toppers, banners, and tags can be found in our etsy shop.
Activity: The kiddos will have a blast both making and wearing these safari masks!  Check out the mask DIY and free printable.
Favors: These diy favor bags are adorable!  We love how skippeeahn paired a variety of patterns and fabrics that come together to look cohesive.  Fill these goodie bags with bubbles, home wrapped crayons and cinch em up with our favor tags to appropriately thank guests for attending ;)
Attire: Complete your child’s day with this customized shirt, can’t believe it’s only $24!


melon image, favor bags image 

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