Jungle Party Week: Food and Drink

Your standard fruit and veggie trays will go great (color wise) with our jungle party, or try these single serving versions (double dip freedom for all!):


but what we really wanna talk about is…

This guy!

This snake sandwich recipe looks awesome but to be honest, as soon as I read the word “cornmeal” my brain turned off.  Now if you’re not intimidated by recipes containing cornmeal, please by all means GO FOR IT and send us the pics once you do!  However, I’m thinking you could achieve this same look by toothpicking some olive eyes and red pepper tongues in the ends of foot long subways.


On the sweet side these cupcakes are too cute and the cookies from Etsy could double as party favors when wrapped in our cellophane bags, tied neatly with our thank you tags:

I actually made the lion cupcakes that are pictured for my son a couple years ago and can vouch for their adorableness.  I got SO many compliments on them and guess what!?  I didn’t do any piping!  I simply used a junior mint for a more substantial nose and brown sixlets for the eyes and they looked just as cute without a mouth.

I’ll stop bragging now…  back to jungle friendly food, who knew hollowed out grapefruit made such delicious little melon bowls?  Not only do they coordinate perfectly but they’re a healthier option than say a bowl full of tropical skittles… (though we aren’t hatin on skittles!).

You’ll have to pick yourself up a melon baller to achieve this look or chop your melon up and throw em on kabobs, both equally adorable and edible.

In beverage news, I’m curious… how do ya’ll feel about alcohol at a children’s party?  We’ve heard it’s a “do” and we’ve heard it’s a “don’t” and our professional opinion lands us on the “whatever floats your boat” boat.  If you do “do”,  melon rumballa for your adult guests would be fitting with the jungle theme and the little tikes can have lemonade or orange Izze.

Yums all around.

Have you left a comment on our posts this week yet?  If not, please do so, so we can enter you to win our giveaway for one custom, digital “you print” invitation good for any party in our shop!  And get your jungle boogie’n buns back here tomorrow when we’ll be discussing activities, favors and some more jungle party decor.



  1. I think alcoholic beverages are entirely necessary for adults at children’s parties. It’s the only way to cope with all that noise. ;)

  2. Im not a huge fan of having alcohol at my own children’s parties but don’t mind when my friends have it at theirs.

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