Flip Flop Pool Party Week: The Real Deal

Oh Pool Party… how I loathed you as an awkward pre-teen/teen/heck who are we kidding…adult, too insecure to step outside in my swimsuit.  But how darling are you now!?  Our brilliant design team has done it again by taking the simple idea of having a pool party and “pink-ing it up” fit for any little one (with a little less inhibition than I ;) )…

And of course it all starts with a darling invitation:

From there we wanted to thank Caroline’s mom for bringing our decor to life and all the amazing inspiration to share with our readers.  We love her use of beach buckets and shovels as food serving trays, (our little signs sit nicely inside).  This is so easy for the kiddos to use and will eliminate any pool soaked palms from digging in and leaving behind soggy snacks.

We can’t help but smile at the button/ribbon embellishments added to the pink and purple flip flops, such a small finishing touch that adds such an impact! CUTE IDEA! And more buckets and shovels for favors have us pondering what other water-friendly finds you might be able to sneak inside…

By the looks of things Caroline had a blast:

Keep in mind that anything you see in pink can easily be customized to blue, purple, yellow, you name it.  Perfect for all of your little mermans and mermaids ;) .  Check out our other pool party options in our shop and keep checking in all week for more great Flip Flop Pool Party Ideas!  Also, this Friday we’ll be giving away a 12 pack of our Flip Flop Pool Party cupcake toppers and all you have to do to enter to win is a leave a comment on our blog.  Please feel free to enter once each day, winners drawn on Friday at 5pm pst.


  1. This is precious! And it’s always still swim weather for the Littles’ bdays in September :) . Although this year we’re headed to see The Big Cheese (ie Mickey), a party poolside while there would rock too!

  2. Okay, so we were thinking about a sprinkler party theme but I LOVE this one. Perhaps I can change my four year old’s mind…

    • POP Team

      All this summer stuff falls under the same umbrella right? Pools, sprinklers, flip flops, water wings, same dif. If you’re looking for a custom “sprinkler” theme package our amazing design team can help you with that too! Just contact us over on Etsy.

  3. LOVE all your ideas! Obviously, since you are currently making a party package for my daughter (and also made one for my son’s party last year) then clearly I’m a huge fan). :)

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