Flip Flop Pool Party Week: Food and Drink Ideas

As we mentioned earlier this week, our “Real Party” example had the awesome idea of using sand buckets and shovels for their food display.  We love this idea mostly because kids will be more likely to use those shovels rather than stick their sopping wet paws into bowls full of goldfish.

Click on each image below for some additional food and drink options that work with the Flip Flop Pool Party including a variety of fingerfoods (again for those soggy paws):

These charming watermelon popsicles:

Flip Flop Nutter Butter cookies:

(Melissa over at “A Little Lovliness” says “To make flip-flops, pipe a V of icing onto bare Nutter Butters and finish them with sprinkles if desired.”)

and colorful twizzlers that double as pool noodles:

For the drinks, consider converting your kiddie pool into your cooler!  Just fill this puppy with ice and all the juice, soda, or anything else you need to keep cool:

Again we love the dual purpose of the pool – maybe it starts out as a cooler and you end the day soaking in a nice ice bath?  The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, Pink Lemonade is a perfect match for this pink infested party.  Delicious, easy, refreshing and matches the theme seamlessly.  Achieve this vintage look via washed out frappucino bottles and paper straws.

EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY FOLKS!  Check back in with us tomorrow for some favor and activity tips for the Flip Flop Pool Party and don’t forget each comment you leave (1 per day) is an additional entry into our giveaway for 12 cupcake toppers this Friday.  Cheers!



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  1. I love the charming watermelon popsicles! Party or no party, my kids can definitely do those!! Thanks for all these awesome ideas!!

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