Dump Truck Party Week: Favors and Activities

If your child is into dump trucks this must mean their into filling that back end up and dumping it back out again. So why not make this as easy and accessible as possible?


Create an indoor sandbox (if the weather isn’t working with you) or get a sandbox outside for your guests and your birthday boy/girl to enjoy.  We love the idea from “She Knows” to use beans, buttons, or dried pasta in replacement of sand if you plan on doing the digging inside.

The kiddos can go on a treasure hunt (picture starburst or any other pre-wrapped candy, mixed in with a couple real sized candy bars buried under layers of sand) or just play!

If you are really looking to go ALL out, Anna White has an amazing tutorial for a giant sandbox.  At least you can put a big bow on the sand box and it doubles as a gift, though certainly you lose the “ease” factor when constructing something this involved.

Dump trucks clearly make most think of construction – but if your little boy is anything like the little boys in my life then destruction is way more fun (and way more up their alley) – how about a dump truck pinata!?

Let the little builders get out their aggressions on that puppy just after completing this simple dump truck craft.  We’re a fan of any craft that actually works best with markers – no need to wait on paint drying.  You could even have the trucks constructed before hand and just coloring them could be an activity. (hint hint… they could take their cookie favor home in it, see below!)


Our favor tags never looked so good when neatly tied to the wheel of a dump truck… no need for a goodie bag, or the fuss of picking out a bunch of dollar store junk that’s gonna get tossed.  Pile these dump trucks  in a bucket by the door and guests can grab one on their way out.

You. Are. Welcome.

Or maybe individually wrapped dump truck cookie favors paired with personalized bubble favors are more up your alley?

Plunk these puppies in the egg carton dump trucks and mosey your movers on their merry little way. 

LOADS of ideas to WORK with (get it??)…  Dump Truck Party Week comes to a close tomorrow and we’ll be announcing the winner of our printable invite good for any party in our shop.  If you haven’t entered to win yet, all you have to do is a leave a comment on any blog post from this week and you’re in!


  1. Great Ideas!! Wondering if I can convince my hubs to build that sandbox???

  2. I hope I win! I could really use some help with an invitation for the beans 2nd birthday!

  3. We’re did you find the dump truck favors love it can’t find them.

    • POP Team

      Well shoot! We had linked up but it looks like that link is actually dead now :( … Sorry we can’t help you, I guess maybe they’re no longer available? The images in the post are actually photos a customer sent us so we had found trucks that looked similar, but weren’t exact.

  4. I cannot find dump trucks for favors anywhere. Do you have any advice?

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