Dinosaur Party Week

Happy Dinosaur Party Week Everybody!  It’s our hope that you come out of this week either

craving meat

craving a jurassic park marathon

or looking scaley,

or maybe just excited about throwing this party for your little dino lover.  Stay tuned all week for awesome activity ideas, favors, real party photos and more.  As usual we’ll also be giving away a free digital “you print” invitation (good for any party in our shop) to one lucky reader that leaves us a comment this week.  Get your comment on!

And in case you’re wondering, each of the above photos turned up when we googled: “craving meat”, “craving a Jurassic Park marathon” or “looking scaly”…  the small things in life that entertain us so…

Credit where credit is due:
image 1, image 2, image 3

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