Dinosaur Party Week: The Real Deal

Michelle posted this customer party a few months back when PartyOnPurpose was LePoppy Design.  We thought it was so cute it was worth re-sharing:

“…It to get photos of your parties!  Most importantly I love seeing happy kiddos, proud parents and lots of frosting.  But coming in at a close second – I love to share photos of those parties that “got away”.  The parties I wanted so desperately to photograph prior to shipping but couldn’t.  Because about 10 times a week I’m asked if I have a dinosaur party and NOW I can finally send everyone here!  Because we do!  We do have a dinosaur party and it is dang cute!  Not quite as cute as an entire family in party-coordinating-outfits….but still cute.
and even better when the pictures come from an excellent professional photographer, Jenny Ann Photography.
We hope you’ll hop back over tomorrow when we’ll be talking about food and drink options for the Dinosaur Party Theme!  Also go right on ahead and leave a comment on any post this week in order to enter to win a free, printable invitation for any party in our shop.


  1. My son would love this!!!

  2. Hadn’t ever thought about coordinating my entire family’s outfits!! mental note ;)

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