Dinosaur Party Week: Favors and Activities

There are a few things we think would be both fun and fitting for the dino bday bash including these:

a little bit of this:

and maybe wearing these while smashing this!

but what we’re really jacked up about is this DINO EGG HUNT!  Have ya’ll seen anything like it before?  Turn little watermelons, and honeydews into prehistoric eggs.  Paint them with different colored spots that correspond to a different prize for each and maybe include one giant golden egg for a grand prize (think full sized watermelon)!


We’re also digging these simple Stegosaurus Socks as one of the prizes:

On their way out the door guests can grab a little dino grabber as one final small “thank you”… tie a thank you tag around its neck,  throw ‘em inside a mason jar, call it a day.

We’ll be drawing the winner of our weekly giveaway tomorrow so if you haven’t entered to with a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop yet, all you have to do is leave on a comment on any post this week and you’re in.

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