Cupcake Party Week

Once upon a time cupcakes looked a little something like this:

something most often reserved to be smooshed inside one’s lunch box causing inner white filling to splurge out. Splurge being a scientific term here.

So I went on a quick little google hunt to figure out how cupcakes went from this:

to this:

with little shops popping up left and right devoting themselves to this $3-$5 treat.

Well you can thank the dynamic duo of Carrie Bradshaw and Martha Stewart because reportedly it was the one-two punch in the form of a feature on HBO and a book:

that officially kicked off what can be described as nothing less than a cupcake BOOM.  We were happy to jump on board because not only does this sweet treat give us darling party themes:

it’s given us an excuse to make a little something called “cupcake toppers” which we find ourselves making for nearly every custom party package that gets ordered.  And for that we say thank you delicious little cupcake. Thank you.

We’ll be chatting all week about taking a cupcake and making an entire party revolve around it with some really unique favors, activities, food and drink options. In addition you can enter to win a free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop just by leaving a comment on any post this week.  Best of luck!

Credit Where Credit is Due:
carrie bradshaw image, martha stewart image


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