Cowboy Party Week: Food and Drink Ideas

It’s all about the setting when it comes to food and drink for the cowboy party.  Somehow a regular old BBQ becomes so much more western with the addition of bandannas for napkins, metal food trays, hay bails for sitting (or a for salads/fruit/etc.) and lots of silly food tents!

1) custom food tents, 2) beanies and weenies, 3) ants on a log, 4) hot dogs, 5) corn on the cob

We talked about this idea during camping party week (and actually a lot of our camping party ideas pair great with the cowboy theme), but setting up a trail mix station is a festive addition playing on the whole “happy trails” cowboy saying.

 trail mix station

We can customize the trail mix station sign and centerpiece wraps to match the cowboy theme and all you need is some tin cans to recreate this trail mix magic!

For sweets we found a variety of cowboy cookies and cake pops online that are way too cute to pass up.  Loving all this cow print:

 1) cake pops, 2) candy3) cookies

Finish things off at the waterin’ hole where your little buckaroos can re-hydrate and get ready for the day’s events!   Our coordinating party straws never looked so cute:

1) pop shop straws, custom food tents, 2) mason jar drinks, 3) coke image, 4) coke crate

Old fashioned soda, mason jars filled with ice cold lemonade and water bottles with coordinating water bottle labels (care of yours truly) will fashion up the fanciest waterin’ hole this side of the Mississippi!

As for tomorrow, get on back here for activity and favor ideas that will wear your little buckaroo’s out and send them on their merry little way.  Happy Trails to you… until we meet again!


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