Cowboy Party Week: Favors and Activities

What’s a cowboy party if  you’re guests aren’t dressing the part?  A quick easy way to get everyone into the spirit is to Gear up Partner!

 1) sheriff badge, 2) gear up sign, 3) hats, 4) bandannas, 5) child image

Once your guests are lookin’ the part, they can start feeling the part while partaking in some real cowboy activities like lassoin’:


1) pony, 2) pony corral sign, 3) pony diy

horse shoein’:



and wrappin’ things up with a smore’s cookout around the campfire!

For favors we mentioned these little smore’s party favors during camping week and they’re too cute not to mention again:

1) smore’s favor, 2) bandanna favor image

I can just picture it now, all your little buckaroos and their gunny sacks filled with cowboy treats as they’re sent along the long winding happy trail of life!??  Too much fun!


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