Caterpillar Party Week: The Real Deal

It pleases us so to see our product reach its full potential when moms across the world take our ideas to the absolute next level… Little Gia’s mom did just that, have a look.

The most enviable birthday party entryway:

A massive food spread covered by an even more massive pink tent and adorned with an adorable chinese lantern chandelier… oh and our banner gleamining in the background.  Wow.

We love how Gia’s mom used our centerpice sets on  jars and vases in various shapes and sizes, such a delightful finishing touch to this color coordinated spread:

And this cake is SO simple yet somehow one of the most adorable cakes we’ve seen!  Fondant circles (similar to these) paired with a “1″ and a “bug” and you’re done!

Our super sweet smash topper looked so innocent, but it was only a matter of time till…

Little Gia Bug dug in!

 Thank you again and again to Gia’s mom for sharing these photos, they’re truly to die for.  And for anyone interested in attempting to create a similarly magical day, check out our Caterpillar Party in our shop and drop us a line with any questions you might have.  This same party comes in primary colors (example image posted on Monday) so just convo us on Etsy if you’d prefer those bold colors.  We’ll be giving away a free digital “you print” invitation good for any party in our shop on Friday so be sure to leave a comment sometime this week in order to be entered to win!


  1. This is going to be Molly’s 4th birthday party decor for sure! What a wonderful spread!!!!!

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