Caterpillar Party Week: Favors and Activities

Caterpillar party week is inching along and our activity ideas are as fun and buggy as our decor.

To start, a craft table with a couple caterpillar crafts to choose from will keep half the kids busy:

bookmarksegg crate caterpillarhuman caterpillar craft

While the other half hit the Twister mat:

Remember if you’re doing the pink caterpillar party you can always DIY a twister mat in corresponding colors by taping circles to the floor or drawing circles in sidewalk chalk/spray paint outside.  We like the idea of adding little antennae to the end of each color row to add to that buggy feel.

Throw the kids in one of these adorable diy’d antenna headbands so they can actually BE caterpillars playing caterpillar Twister!

Even better these puppies double as party favors…

Speaking of favors, alas, someday those darling little caterpillars are bound to turn into beautiful butterflies so why not touch on that with these butterfly net party favors?  Put a couple treats inside and give them to your guests on their way out.

So colorful and fun you may even forget that your child wants to revolve their entire party around a bug!

Be sure to leave a comment on any post this week and you’re entered to win a free digital “you print” invitation good for any party in our shop and get back here tomorrow for our weekly round-up of what was discussed this week, the Caterpillar Party Inspiration Board and of course to find out if you won the giveaway!!

Credit Where Credit is due:
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  1. Fantastic Ideas!

  2. Those butterfly nets would be the perfect little home for these handmade butterflies –

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