Bowling Party Week: Food and Drink

The bowling party is a great excuse to stick to the basics (pizza and soda anyone?) so whether you’re doing a bowling party out of your home or hanging around the local lanes, going with standard bowling fare is not only easy, it’s expected!

BYS (bring your own sweets) to the bowling lanes.  This will continue to personalize your event in what can be a very impersonal setting:

For drinks, while adults are familiar with Bowling and Budweiser, the kids might appreciate a nice root beer alternative!  Rootbeer Floats at your “at home” party are an awesome addition and how fun to have pitchers of pop just like they serve at the bowling lanes?

It’s funny how the small details like this, that are easy and inexpensive, can add so much authenticity to your event.  Can’t beat the $4 price tag for these pitchers either!!

With your guests well fed and hydrated they’re certainly ready to get the bowling on a roll (get it)!  Tomorrow we’ll be talking about activities and yes there’s more to a bowling party than just bowling.  How about what to do with those busy-bodies that can’t sit still between turns??  We’ve got plenty of ideas for you so come back for that!

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