Beach Ball Party Week

Back in early July we celebrated Flip Flop Pool Party Week and this week we are taking a primary spin on that pink dominated party with the Beach Ball Party.  Same idea but a slew of awesome new things to talk about!  Funny how just a tiny twist can change the entire story…

You’ve seen many a beach ball on the beach.  But what about:

In your mailbox

hanging from the ceiling:

or eady to eat?:

That’s what’s in store this week!  Also, we’re giving away a free digital “you print” invite to any party in our shop and all you have to do is leave a comment on this post (or any post this week) and you are entered to win.

Get back here tomorrow for our customer party featuring our beach ball decor.


Credit where credit is due:

Anyone know where that beach ball chandelier image originated?  We can’t find a link that works (other than pinterest) so let  us know and we’ll link it up!


  1. I Want to know where can I get the beach ball invitations

  2. POP Team

    Hey Jennifer! The beach ball invite featured in this post is a DIY invite. You purchase the beach ball from a local shop and use a sharpie to write in the details. We’ve got beach ball invites that coordinate with our decor as well:

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