Beach Ball Party Week: The Real Deal

This Week’s customer party comes to us from Adiel Emir’s mom who used our Beach Ball decor at her son’s 3rd birthday party at… of all places… a beach!  That’s one heck of a backdrop!:

The great thing about having a party like this right there at the beach is other than the planning involved with getting everything from home to your destination, once you set yourself up, your guests are pretty good to go!  Make sure the invites encourage swimsuits, hand the kiddos a sand bucket, and leave them to their own devices!

 Even better, the mess gets left in the beach trash cans and you come home to a clean, dry home!  I’m sure the thought of this put a smile on Adiel Emir’s family’s faces!

If you are loving that cake, here’s a link to something similar and if you’re loving our decor you can nab your own beach ball bday decor here!  You. Are. Welcome.  And don’t forget, all you have to do is leave a comment on any post this week in order to be entered to win a digital “you print” invite to any party in our shop!  We’ll announce the winner on Friday.  Good luck!

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  1. You guys make the most adorable decor! This beach ball theme is so much fun!

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