Beach Ball Party Week: Food and Drink Ideas

*** Parts of this post were pulled from last year’s “Beach Ball Party Week” in August 2012

Have we mentioned that the beach ball party is one of our top sellers during the summer?  If you’ve been following along all week, I’m pretty sure we’ve mentioned it every day so far!  This beach ball party in basic primary colors might take the cake for our most popular beach ball theme to date:

Whether you’re going with primary or pastel, we think this food spread featured last year on our blog is perfect for a party that’s sure to get wet:

All that splishing and splashing at the beach ball party is bound to wear out even the toughest tike.  Let’s heat up the grill and get this food menu going!

We envision a delightful burger bar complete with all the fixin’s.  A safe bet with something like this is WHITE (as shown in the photo).  White plates, white bowls, white serving dishes etc. make the table feel cohesive to the naked eye, but meanwhile, for all we know this could be a mash up of tableware.  Keeping it white is safe, clean and allows the food to shine.

1. burger dinner image, 2. corn on the cob, 3. burger image

And how about some fruit, veggies, sand buckets filled with crackers/chips and a couple of sweets on the side?

1. fruit 2. candy slice image, 3. beach ball cake pops, 4. hunting for the source here, please let us know in the comments if you know who it belongs to!

For drinks we spotted these beach ball water bottles and fell in love!  How awesome would it be to have a few pitchers of drinks to choose from and kiddos can keep there water bottles filled to the brim all afternoon long?  In addition these scuba sprites are pretty darn darling:

1. water bottles, 2. pitchers, 3. sprite image

Get your burger buns back here tomorrow when we’ll be discussing favors, decor and activities for the Beach Ball Party and be sure to leave a comment on this here post in order to be entered into our giveaway.  What are we giving away you ask?  A free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop we answer!


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