Beach Ball Party Week: Favors and Activities

*** Parts of this post were pulled from last year’s “Beach Ball Party week” in August 2012

The perfect activities for the Beach Ball Party of course involve getting wet:

And the perfect favors for the Beach Ball Party of course assist in getting wet:

So all we are really doing in today’s post is telling you some cool ways to get wet and or assist in getting wet.  Pretty simple folks.

1.  beach ball sprinkler image, 2. beach ball pool image, 3. slip and slide image

Get out the sprinklerkiddie poolslip ‘n slide and anything else that houses water and make your back yard a water park!  You can pile the kiddie pool with beach balls which will add to the “awe” appeal when your guests step into your water wonderland:

In addition these water balloon ”pinatas” and water balloon races are fun activities for all!

1-3. water balloon races 4. water balloon ”pinatas

During Flip Flop Pool Party Week we talked about using sand buckets as your favor bags and we’re suggesting you do that again for the beach ball party favors.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!  Fill your bucket with goldfish crackersgoggleswater gunspool sticks, and swedish fish.

1. bucket, 2. water guns, 3. goggles, 4. goldfish crackers, 5. pool sticks, 6. swedish fish.

Bada-bing bada-boom ya know what Im saying!?  Those kids will be soaked and thrilled about it and you know your bday boy or girl is gonna have a blast.

If you’re thinking this party is right up your alley and/or any other party in our shop be sure to leave a comment on our blog this week in order to be entered to win a free digital “you print” invite!  We’ll draw the winner tomorrow as well as share our Beach Ball Party inspiration board.  You won’t want to miss it!


Credit where credit is due:
beach ball sprinklerkid image 1kid image 2

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