Baby Shower Week: Sprinkled With Love

You might recognize today’s baby shower feature as it has a striking resemblance  to a little party we happened to feature last week.

Our “sprinkle” party can work for an actual baby sprinkle (what you’ll see below) or really for any party that doesn’t have a direct theme.  If you’re looking for fun pops of colors to work with, this is the perfect place to start.  We can do this theme in ANY color scheme, we just happened to do both the “Last Fling Before the Ring” bachelorette party and the “Sprinkled with Love” baby sprinkle in pinks and yellows because that’s what the customers ordering them were looking for.

Without further adieu - allow me to Sprinkle You With Love:

Welcome a new baby’s arrival, congratulate the new ma and pa and make your space look like a million bucks with the help of our decor!  More baby shower decor is on the way tomorrow and don’t forget, enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any post this week!


  1. Grrrr! How come I didn’t know about this before I threw my sister’s shower? Darling!

  2. bookmarking this :0)

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