Art Party Week

We all know that summer is pretty synonymous with sunshine.

(This chick totally knows it… she totally knows it and is totally smirking on her bicycle just thinking about it.)

Something about sunshine makes us think about rainbows.

And something about rainbows have us feeling like p-Art-ying at our Art Party.

Which leads us to Art Party Week!

There are a couple reasons why this party is super  radical:

  1. A million colors to work with give you roughly one million different decor and food options
  2. Getting artsy is fun for the kids and the activity ideas are basically endless
  3. Our coordinating party decor is so stinking cute,  your mom wishes she was a kid again just so she could have this as her birthday theme.
We’ll be featuring awesome tips all week, along with a Real Party tomorrow that is probably gonna make you cry with delight… you and your mom… so stay tuned.  In addition we’re giving away a free digital “you print” invite for ANY party in our shop and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this here blog.  Hang on to your Crayolas… it’s gonna be a crazy, colorful week and we can’t wait!

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