Art Party Week Round II: The Real Deal

***This is a re-post from August 2012

Our designer Michelle has a serious obsession with rainbows and I think that obsession translated into perfection when it comes to our Art Party.  Besides the bright fantastic-ness of it all we love the fact that the art party is an activity all on its own and Avery’s mom literally took this to the NEXT LEVEL… strap on your rain-bow boots people… this party is a masterpiece.

Our banner’s a fabulous backdrop to this amazing display of rainbow lollipopsarray of poms in all the colors of the rainbow, and most deliciously a rainbow cake:

Did we mention rainbow cake!?

I mean COME ON!?? Look at those little splashes of paint all over the outer frosting!  So darling and no detail was overlooked.   Our decor doesn’t look too shabby either ;) … Now back to that “next level” I was talking about:

Spin art, tie dye shirts and personalized aprons OH MY!  These lucky kiddos had to have had a blast enjoying all the activities and (as always our favorite) – getting to take their hard work home for party favors!

There’s no way Avery didn’t feel entirely celebrated and we can’t think of a better way to have done so for this walking work of art:

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s feature on food and drink for Art Party Week (you better believe we’re talking about that rainbow cake).

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