Art Party Week Round II: Food and Drink Ideas

The great thing about the Art Party is you have an instant “Rainbow” theme to work with and that makes just about any food and drink option (whatever color it may be), work!  We’re gonna highlight a couple extra healthy options and a couple extra not-so-healthy options in hopes they balance each other out.  Carrot + Candy = Zero, right?

On the healthy front you’ve got fruit veggies and a little bit of dairy:

1) fruit kabobs, 2) fruit salad, 3) rainbow veggies

Ya there’s cheese on that salad so that counts as dairy.  In addition, meat and veggies collide in these colorful kabobs:


On the not-so-healthy front and as promised yesterday I wanted to give just a little bit more love to our customer’s gorgeous rainbow cake (complete with paint splashes) and connect ya’ll to the best tutorial I could spy online for said cake:

Apparently “Whisk Kid” is the originator of this cake and she was on Martha Stewart’s show chatting with her about it so I think you’re pretty safe to follow her steps.  All that buttery, creamy, rainbowy goodness has us salivating like Homer Simpson up in this mug.

If you don’t have time to make this epic culinary masterpiece you’re in luck because there are some pretty stinkin cute cupcake options that’ll work just as well.  It’s always been our theory that the more cake the merrier.

 1) Cupcake 1, 2) Cupcake 2, 3) Cupcake 3

Those sour rainbow belts in pic 1 would be cute as food/decor all on their own too!

And let’s not drop the rainbow ball when it comes to beverages.  A rainbow display with your drinks would be easy with either soda or juice.  Forget the reading rainbow… how about this soda rainbow!?

Typically doping our kids up on soda isn’t our cup of tea, but for this particular theme we’ll make an exception…  for juice think fruit punch, orange juice, lemonade, apple juice, water and grape juice.  Same idea ;) .

We’ll be back tomorrow with more Art Party decor, activity and favor ideas… see you then!

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