Art Party Week Round II: Favors and Activities

***This is a re-post from August 2012

If you haven’t checked out our post from Tuesday featuring Avery’s Art Party you’re gonna wanna do that…  Today we’ll be talking about some of the favors, decor and activities that went into her big day along with some other additions we think work great with the Art Party theme.

For Decor we’re obsessing over this birthday balloon wreathruffle tablecloth and a rainbow array of poms… it’s as though they floated straight down from heaven to come party with us (now available in the POP shop).

 1) Wreath, 2) tablecloth, 3) poms

Taking from little Avery’s special day, spin art and tie dye are fun and easy activities for the kiddos!  This tie dye shirt tutorial seems simple enough (and we certainly appreciate the list of “things you’ll need” included).  Grab a couple packs of kids hanes t-shirts and get a move on!  Or if you’re so inclined, get white party aprons and tye die those instead!  Although that very well may defeat the purpose of the apron.  But we’re rule breakers like that.

1) tie dye image, 2) white party aprons, 3) face paint image

Our last activity and perhaps our favorite has us giving MAD PROPS to the folks over at Givers Log  for this freakin AMAZING frozen pinata idea.  Not only did she think to put ice cream goodies in the pinata, and freeze the pinata until it was smashing time, but she wrapped the pinata in rainbow-y goodness and we can’t think of a more appropriate way for the kiddos to nab their sundae treats than to smash this thing!

1) frozen pinata

For favors, these lollipop bouquets were an idea stolen (again) from the party we featured Tuesday.  SO CUTE and they can also double as your party favors… kids grab a lolli on their way out!

1) rainbow lollipop image, 2) paint can , 3) lollipop in paint can image

paint can + giant swirl lollipops = dual purpose decor and favor goodness (anyone else picking up on my math skills this week?).  These will look adorable with our sweet thank you tags tied to each individual lolli.

And let us not forget all the fun artwork, t-shirts, aprons the kiddos will get to take home.  Nobody’s leaving empty handed.

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