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Valentine’s Day is such a fun excuse to tell your kids you love them (for the millionth time) and get a little festive all just because you love them.  Who doesn’t love that?

We were inspired by the mix of “super simple” and “some effort involved” food, activities, valentines, etc. and we hope you all were equally inspired to give something a try.

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We’re taking a sharp turn from the pinks and reds of this week to a much more manly color scheme next week… all you mama’s with little men, stay tuned!

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POP Party Supplies Vday1

We’ve got a couple Valentine’s Day designs in shop that are cute not only for a Valentine’s Day birthday but a playdate as well!

Our “LOVE” party has an awesome teal/pink/purple/red color scheme we are loving:

Our “Ladybug” party is in the quintessential Valentine’s colors and we love the little heart details on the back of our sweet little lady:

And our heart party is pretty straight forward:

Pair some of our new POP Party Supplies in Valentine’s coordinated colors with any of these parties:


These straws, cups and balloons aren’t listed on our menu yet but they come in a large variety of colors so be sure to add them to your next party order and we’ll create a set that will match your party perfectly!!

Straws: 20 for $4
Party Cups: 20 for $4
Balloons: 5 for $4

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We found ourselves on a hunt for Valentine’s Day activities you could do with your kids at home that weren’t too intimidating and we think we found a few that work for a number of age groups!

For actual Valentines, we’re always fans of getting creative.  Here’s some ideas:

Paint Swatch Bookmarks!!

We (Julie and Amy) find these to be DARLING… However our fellow POP Partner (Michelle) is not a fan of paint swatch arts and crafts… whatever floats your boat folks!  I’m laughing at the thought of Michelle seeing me promote these on our blog… oh the control I have… moooooooooooooohahahahah!  All you need to recreate this magic is to high-jack some swatches from your local hardware store, ribbon, and a heart hole puncher.  Nailed it!

Here’s some more Valentine’s all three of us agree upon:

From the valentine magnifying glass to the lolli valentine and butterfly valentine we are loving all of these for a number of reasons but our faves might just be the simplicity of the Kraft Paper Cookie Bag Valentines.  Have your child make one special just for you to save for keepsakes.

Don’t forget we’re giving away a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop to one lucky reader.  All you have to do to enter to win is a leave a comment on any post this week.

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vday sweets collage

We came across a few Valentine’s Day lunch ideas, we absolutely love and we think your kids will love them too:

The muffin tin mom strikes again with a heart shaped muffin tin meal  for your kiddos’ Valentine’s Day:

 But let’s be realistic… valentine’s day is all about the sweets and we certainly aren’t lacking inspiration for that!

A Farm Girl’s Dabbles had such sweet inspiration she gets her own collage:

For drinks, anything red or pink will do!  But if you want to get creative we are just dying over these Valentine’s Floats:

Just use cherry 7-up, ice cream and red sprinkles!  We also spotted folks using red vines as straws or you can nab a red/pink striped straw out of our shop!

Lastly, this love potion smoothie is a sweet treat that’s sure to make your Valentine smile.

For more Valentine’s day inspiration get back here tomorrow when we’ll be talking about unique valentines your child can hand out, as well as some activities you can do at home to keep the love flowing.  Also, enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any post this week!

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hear party listing

In the words of LMFAO – “We’ve been pigeon-holed and we know it”… Is that not how that song goes?

All too often people think POP and they think birthday parties.  But the reality is party decor is party decor and while it seems our top sellers happen to be birthdays we kinda have a love/hate relationship with being pigeon-holed as birthday parties ONLY.

In walks the holidays and we find ourselves reminding folks… WE CAN DO THAT TOO!!  Here’s a sneak peak:

We have some seriously adorable Valentine’s Day ideas that we are excited to share with you along with some seriously adorable party themes we’ll be featuring right here on the blog tomorrow.   Not only are these parties super cute for February birthdays, they’re super cute for anyone looking to throw a little V-Day event for their little one and some guests!

Get back here tomorrow to see what we’ve got up our sleeve and be sure to leave a comment on any post this week in order to be entered to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop!