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truck birthday collage v2

We’ve had so much fun talking trucks this week and planning the perfect little picnic party to accompany our theme.  Have a look at our inspiration board and let us know what else you might include in this charming party.

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Food: Parfaitscones, and cupcakes are complimented nicely with an array of berries, fried chicken and corn on the cob.  Also pictured: stop light cookies, red licorice, red candies 
Drink: old fashioned coke bottles, pitchers of lemonade and mason jar cups all lend to the vintage feel of this truck party.  Thanks to Cachic Design for some of the amazing images we used in our collage.
Activity: Toy Car Race – easy enough DIY drag cars race and kids can have fun painting their cars before the big race for another activity.
FavorsFavor Tins are a darling way to house your traditional car/truck party favors and treats and a super cute container that adds to the parties appeal.  If you prefer blue/red/green tins check these out!
Decor: Our Party On Purpose Cupcake Toppers, Hats, and more for this adorable truck party can be found in our etsy shop.  In addition we think these red polkadot balloons, and red stripe straws add such a delightful finishing touch to the decor.
Storage: We found this awesome DIY that takes a plain old wooden crate and scuffs it up a bit for some rustic/vintage appeal.  Would be so darling to house coke bottles, milk bottles, cupcakes etc.


Me thinks ya’ll are gonna sense a theme on this here blog because we just plain cant help ourselves…

dual purpose favor, decor, drinks and activities

These are  a few of our favorite things.  We’re nailing this 1-2-punch with these adorable little wooden trucks that would look darling lined up on an activity table (decor) the kiddos can paint (activity) and then take home with them (favor) BOOOO YAAAAA!

Throw a little favor bag of goodies in the back end before sending your guests on their merry little way.  Man do we love a good tag team…

I thought you knew…

Favor Tins are another darling way to house your traditional car/truck party favors and treats and the container adds to the party’s appeal.  If you prefer blue/red/green tins check these out.  As for what to put inside, obviously toy trucks would be so very fitting, but we also enjoy these coke bottle candies or you could get really creative and make some coke bottle cookies.


We mentioned edible and drinkable decor in our post yesterday and while these red polkadot balloons are purely for your guests viewing pleasure, these darling red stripe straws will plunk nicely into those coke bottles we were chatting about!

Wooden crates double as cake stands and storage, just flip them upside down or right side up for whichever purpose you need!

We found this awesome DIY that takes a plain old wooden crate and scuffs it up a for some rustic/vintage appeal.

Of course our Party On Purpose Cupcake Toppers, Hats, and more for this adorable truck party can be found in our etsy shop.  Add some finishing touches include checkered picnic tablecloths, berry baskets (filled with berries or whatever else you want to set out) and we love the idea of finding vintage trucks that could house things like condiments and napkins in their beds.

Our truck party fun comes to a close tomorrow when we share our inspiration board and announce the winner of our giveaway. Just leave a comment and you’re entered to win a digital “you print” invitation to ANY party in our shop.  Good luck!

Credit where credit is due:
picnic table image
coke bottle cookies




It’s Truck Party Week and we’re keeping an outdoor picnic in mind (being summer and all).  There are obviously soooo many things you can do for a picnic, heck even laying out a couple blankets and enjoying a nice PB and J platter would work:

But we’re going to go slightly more sophisticated without losing the simplicity or the deliciousness… is it just me or does that sandwich look friggin amazing right now though!?

We talked last week about activities that double as favors and this week we’re on a food/drink that double as decor kick.  On the food front we like baskets of berries paired with butter & jam and biscuits for a little “scone bar”.  SO CHARMING!

Thank you Martha for the delightful recipe ;) and for the wonderful time we had on the Christmas sweater episode of your show!

Additional meal options could include corn on the cob, mac ‘n cheese, and fried chicken.  Down home cooking for a down home kinda picnic.  After dinner pile the kids in the back of the truck and go for a hay ride why dontcha!?

 Picnic-ly Perfect.

Old fashioned coke bottles pair with the theme sweetly, but if they’re a bit too pricey for your budget you can always set out a few as part of your decor and instead (or in addition) make pitchers of lemonade to fill up mason jars piled high in a galvanized bucket or two.  Again more adorable edible/drinkable decor!

Tomorrow we’ll talk more decor and party favors and of course don’t forget our digital “you print” invite giveaway at the end of the week.  All you gotta do to enter to win is leave a comment!

Credit Where Credit is Due:
Mac ‘n cheeseFried ChickenLemonade , Coke Bottles (unfortunately we can’t seem to find where we grabbed this image. If  you recognize it please let us know and we’ll link it up!)


We were thrilled to find these images in our inbox after Jackson’s birthday party went down.  Such a charming party deserves to be shown to the world!


Jackson’s mom kept things super simple, clean and sophisticated and we have to give her some kudos, the clean-up had to be a snap, but she didn’t sacrifice all of the little details that we’re certain made Jackson feel like a million bucks!

How much do you love this giant cupcake atop a tower of cupcakes and adorned with our smash topper?:

Target happens to have a similar jumbo cupcake tin if you want to copy this idea.  It’s the perfect size cake, giving your grubby little one free reign to smash away!

Last but not least we appreciate how Jackson’s mom put our (excuse our bragging) DARLING happy birthday hat to good use by including it as part of the decor until it was time for her rugrat to actually wear it.  It really helped tie the theme throughout her table display and I’m sorry, but that darn hat is too cute to be hidden away until “birthday song time”!

Another big thanks to Jackson’s mom for sharing photos with us.  We really appreciate you!  And don’t forget that this week we are giving away a digital “you print” invite to ANY PARTY IN OUR SHOP to one lucky winner.  Have a look at some of our party themes or just stick with the truck theme if you like.  All you have to do is leave a comment on any (or all) blog posts this week and you’re entered.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s food and drink ideas that go along with our Truck Party Week.  We’ll be getting all picnic-y up  in here!


The 4th of July may have come and gone but the red, white and blue lives on here at Party On Purpose for Truck Party Week.  We can’t help but picture a couple of picnic tables with a berry truck parked in some hay field…

But just in case you, for whatever reason, haven’t grown the world’s largest strawberry, we’re here to help ya out this week (you’re welcome) and bring this perfect little picnic to life.  We’ll be going over all of the goodies that go into a budget friendly picnic that will be both stylish (for mom) and fun (for kid).  We have some serious mad love for this party, how great did our design team do on this!??:

Even better we’re going to be giving away a FREE digital “you print” invitation to this very party (or any party in our shop) to one lucky winner.  All you have to do to be included is comment on this blog post or any post this week and we’ll draw the winner Friday.

And be sure to check out our Truck Party Pinterest page as we’ll be populating it all week with all of our awesome ideas!

BEEP BEEP!  (that’s us tooting our own horn… get it??)