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Tools Party Week has come and gone and because this party isn’t listed in our shop yet we have to say we’re especially sad to see it and all its teal/orange/grey goodness go!!  It’s been so refreshing to stare at it all week long on the blog (yes even we get tired of making the same party over and over…).  So if your little man is dying for an excuse to have a tool belt like daddy, THIS IS YOUR PARTY!  Just drop us a convo on Etsy and we can get it started for you.

Also be sure to check out our Tools Party Ideas pinterest board with all the goodies we talked about this week and more!  Another huge thank you to our customer party this week which spurred a bulk of the ideas we had for favors and activities.  TOO CUTE!  And congrats to Sarah, you’ve just won yourself a free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop!  CONGRATS!!  Next week we’ll be kicking off Pumpkin week with gobs of surprises in store and we can’t wait to share.  Get your spooky buns back here come Monday, we promise you won’t want to miss it!

Food: tool cookiescookie cuttertool lolli-popsspud bar
Drink: milk boxes meet build-able silly straws
Favors: personalized party hattool belt diy
Activity: homemade playdoughplaydoughwork bench diy
Decor: giant toolsorange cones, balloonscutlery
Attire: mr. fix it shirt


Yesterday we talked about decorating your own tool shaped cookies and making your own silly straws for activities you can eat, drink and take home with you:

Today we’re going to talk about these adorable personalized party hats, tool belts and tool box party favors that will outfit each of your party go-ers as they walk out the door:

Featured in our post on Tuesday we just love how this customer personalized everything (so thoughtful), but some of her ideas were seriously easy enough for even the layMom to tackle.

For instance, these tool belts are actually nail aprons similar to this found at Home Depot for about $.75 each.  From there all you need is some felt and hot glue to customize.  The stickers on the hat were made by yours truly and again add such a thoughtful finishing touch.  You can also order our custom gable boxes (aka tool boxes) to finalize your tool man attire!

For your activity you can stick with making straws and decorating cookies or get messy and lay down some parchment paper so the kids can dig into some homemade play dough.  Setting out some kid friendly tools for them to use to cut, roll, hammer, etc. will keep the play dough fun coming!

The blue prints taped to the tables were such a sweet idea and the kids can color right on top of them.  Staples prints engineering prints this size for really cheap and you can find example prints online like these by simply searching for “blue print plans”.

Send your guests on their merry way with tool box in tow and your mommy guests will thank you for leaving their child with an evening worth of fun to be had playing Tim the Toolman Taylor.

Tomorrow we’ll be drawing the winner of our free custom printable invitation good for any party in our shop, so be sure to leave a comment on any post this week for your chance to win!!

cookie collage

For Dump Truck Party Week we discussed food you can “load up” on and for today’s main course we’re feeling that same flow… ala baked potato.  We loved this spud bar idea discussed on “The Fun Cheap or Free Queen” blog and did she just say fun, cheap or free?  Count us in!  Of course we want to take this adult friendly idea and expand on it in a kid friendly way.  Instead of bleu cheese think cheeze whiz and let the kiddos do the loading, some bacon bits on the floor never hurt nobody.

From there you can go on a full potato bonanza and include tater tots, potato skins, french fries.  With all sorts of kid friendly dips to choose from.  Load up!

For the sweet tooth we spotted these tool cookies on Etsy that are too cute to pass on, or if you’re feeling ambitious enough to give baking a whirl these cookie cutters will send you in a similar direction.  Add a little food coloring to the cookie dough and let the kids decorate their own cookies as part of the activity like our customer party from yesterday.  I smell a food meets activity combination!!  The dirt cups and cupcakes featured in yesterday’s post are great sweet treats as well.

Get creative with your drinks and have your little toolmen and women build their own straws!  Plunk em into a box of milk and just watch how nicely milk goes down when you make it silly.

Decorating cookies and making your own silly straw will keep your guests busy and satisfied and may be plenty for a small party looking for just a couple easy activities (the kids could take home their custom made straw as their party favor).  However, if you want even more favor and activity ideas get back here tomorrow where we’ll be talking homemade playdough and toolman party favors fit for any future Bob the Builder.  Lastly, if you haven’t already, please enter to win our giveaway for a free digital “you print” invitation good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any post this week.

Credit Where Credit is Due:
milk image , tots, ranch image, ketchup image, honey mustard image

tool boxs

We are so thankful Noah’s mom shared these Tools Party photos with us because we haven’t had a chance to list this party in our shop yet so now at least you can see it firsthand.   What she did with our decor is too darn adorable not to pass along to the rest of you.

Kicking things off with an AWESOME invitation, our design team has outdone themselves again.  We just love the layers of textures and color combinations.  How I love thee wood grain background… let me count the ways.

A wide shot of the main serving table featuring a custom Party On Purpose banner, food tents, cake topper and cupcake toppers:

and a couple close ups:

Tool man/tool woman party favors which we’ll definitely be talking about on Thursday accented with Party On Purpose tags, signs, banner, gable boxes and stickers:

 And a couple activity shots:

We have to give another huge “thank you” to Noah’s mom for sending us her photos.  What an adorable event and we fully intend on elaborating on some of these awesome ideas later this week!  If you’re interested in ordering this party, as we mentioned it’s not listed in our shop, but just contact us on Etsy and we can go from there.

Lastly, if you haven’t entered our giveaway for a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop please by all means leave a comment on any post this week and you’re in.  Tomorrow we’re talking food and drink ideas for the Tools Party… stay tuned.


We’ve mentioned here and here that we’ve been best friends since the 7th grade.  While that mostly makes for an extremely fun work week, even we get burned out from time to time.  Burned out from parties?  Yes.  Burned out from one another?  Not so much.

We’re those crazy weirdos that actually hang out outside of work as well and this weekend marked our first annual “Friend-a-versary” celebration.  The three of us along with one of our other best, most dearest friends (mentioned here) gathered in Leavenworth, Washington for relaxation, laughter, and a little bit of this:

Not only are we rejuvenated and re-inspired to get back to party making, but I think it’s pretty safe to say if we’d forgotten about the things we loved most about each other outside of work, we remember now.

So that’s what we’ve been up to… how about ya’ll?

In other news we’re kicking off Tools Party Week today and if you have a child that’s enthralled with tools you know and understand how quickly this obsession takes over and how hard it is to shake.  It’s our hope that by encouraging this obsession you’re creating your own little Ty Pennington:

because someday it’s gonna be your house he’ll be extreme home making over!  So if it’s tools they want, give the kids tools!  For the little Mr. Fix Its or Mrs. Fix Its in your life, welcome to Tools Party Week.  We hope you’ll stick around all week for all sorts of cool party tips and tricks.  In addition, be sure to leave a comment on any post this week in order to be entered to win a free digital invite good for any party in our shop.  Tomorrow we’ve got such an adorable customer party to share, we hope you’ll come back and check it out!

Oh, and if you haven’t called your girlfriends recently or gathered over a glass of wine to gab.  Do it.  What a difference a little girl time makes.