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It’s been a Spa-cial week sharing all of our Spa Party Ideas with you!  This is one of those parties that actually seems easy to tackle while still maximizing on creativity:

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Drink: aqua punch
Favors: spa favorsbasket of flip flopsfavor tagsnon toxic nail polish
Activities: foam spa mask arthomemade spa maskspa products
Decor: Cupcake Liners, Straws, Toppers

Credit Where Credit is Due:
rock candy image



Spa Party Activities are pretty self explanatory which takes the whole weight of needing to be creative off your shoulders.  Super easy from head to toe (literally).  Kick things off with this easy and all natural deep conditioner:

Put the girls hair back and secure it that way with a cozy headband:

Next up comes the all natural face mask… don’t forget the cucumbers:

At this point your party guests should be looking a little something like this:

The fun can conclude with a Hand massage paired with a mani:

a foot massage paired with a pedi:

and a pat on the back for the hostess!  Those wet piggies will keep feet and hands planted for a little while and maybe you can snag some of the goodies off the treat table we talked about yesterday!

If you want to keep the fun going let guests decorate their own spa masks and flip flops to take home as part of their party favors:

Sending the little ones home with a bottle of nail polish or loofa and a simple “Thanks for making my party spa-cial!” tag is our favorite spa party favor:

 If Martha Stewart had it her way it’d be more like:

party bags filled with a comb, hair ties, scrubbing pads, scented soaps, nail polish,  lip gloss, bobby pins, washcloth, and bubble bath.  Guests will head home feeling revitalized, relaxed and ready to keep the pamper session going!

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spa food

The spa party is a great excuse to put cucumbers to good use ;) .  Not only do these refreshing little veggies add a healthy spin on some of your eats, they coordinate awesomely with our Spa Party Decor.  Win win!

Hungry Happneings strikes again with this crazy creative spa cheese and crackers,!  Did any of you have the same double-take I did?  Too awesome!

For sweets we are loving these pink slipper cookies (from guess who… Hungry Happenings) and these nail polish topped cupcakes are an adorable idea! 

Drinks should be light, refreshing and healthy… all things spa:

Sipping a smoothie out of a stripey straw while your face is adorned with mud is about as spa as it gets, your guests are gonna have a relaxing blast!

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Where to Find it:
spa cookiesrock candy imagescooped out cucumbersaqua punch,  cucumber popsiclescookies



The one and only Scary Mommy actually used our Spa Party decor for her daughter Lily’s Spa Party!  We were so honored to be included ;) .  You can read all about this self-proclaimed glutton for punishment’s internal battle with hosting a party at home vs at some play space outside of the home where a lovely staff is left with your mess, here.  Or hop to the photos of our decor below:

Thanks to Scary Mommy for making us feel so Spa-cial and sharing all of the party details with your perfectly imperfect readers!  Anyone interested in purchasing this decor can find an example package in our Etsy Shop.

We’re chatting all about food and drink ideas for the spa party tomorrow, so get back here to check that out.  Leave a comment on any blog post this week to be entered to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop.


We could all use a day at the spa:

but we want to be clear that our Spa Party should not be confused with a day at the spa for Mom.

Hopefully the giggles and smiles that will likely ensue post facial/mani/pedis will be well worth it!  Our decor should help set you up for success:

Get back here tomorrow where we’ll be showing off our Spa Decor in action and be sure to leave a comment on any blog post this week to be entered to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop!