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After having some technical difficulties on the blog last week we seem to be up and running again (fingers crossed).  Our final round up of the week’s theme typically gets posted on Friday but we had to sneak it in first thing this morning (Monday) instead.  Enjoy:

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 1. Banner, 2. diy floam, gak, play-doh, 3. straws, 4. petri dish jell-o, 5.goggles, 6. home science experiments, 7.  balloons, 8.  glow sticks, 9.goggles, 10. cookies, 11. Door sign, 12. snack cups, 13. rock candy, 14.lab coats, 15. slime baskets, 16. pop rocks, 17.test tubes, 18.  cookie cutter, 19.elephant toothpaste, 20. crazy straws, 21. party bags, 22. flask image, 23.  cupcake liners, 24.Pin the goggles on the scientist

Have a look at each individual post from this week for additional Scientist Party Food and Drink IdeasScientist Favor and Activity Ideas and Scientist Party Decor Ideas !!



mad scientist party gear roundup

If you’re throwing a Scientist party for your very own little Einstein they’ve probably expressed some interest in science and your house has been a laboratory a time or two before.  In our opinion it’s how you set the scene that will take your party from the ordinary afternoon science experiment to a fun-filled birthday event and all of that starts with getting your guests into the spirit:

scientist gear

1. goggles, 2. flasks, 3. lab coats, 4. beakers, 5. green goggles , 6. test tubes, 7. test tubes, 8. funnel, 9. flask image

Pick up lab coats, goggles, test tubes, petri dishes, beakers and more to give your party a truly authentic feel. Getting to work with the same tools and sport the same attire scientists adorn will leave each of your mini scientists inspired!

Once your lab rats are dressed for success, you’re a quick scour across the world wide web away from tracking down a science project you can manage.  Some parents will tag-team a couple while others will pick one and leave it at that. Totally up to your preference.  Here’s some of our faves:

Pin the goggles on the scientist:

Slime Baskets:

Elephant Toothpaste:

The good ole’ “baking soda and vinegar” trick

There’s about a million others to choose from so hunt around a little if none of these were what you had in mind!

As for favors your can send your guests home with party bags filled with slime, pop rocks, glow sticks, and more!  In addition (unless you need 15 pairs of goggles) their outfits can be take-homes too.


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1. test tubes2. glow sticks 3. rock candy, 4. slime favor5. party bags6. pop rocks

We love the idea of filling test tubes with skittles or m&m’s, the science fun can continue well after your guests have departed!


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science sweets

A sure fire way to tackle your food and drink spread for the Scientist Party is to pair token science experiment tools (test tubespetri dishesflasksfunnelsbeakers) with token Halloween “creepy” food (eyeballs, fingers, brains).  Your guests will be grossed out and satisfied!

Finger foods is a term that can be taken quite literally when you have a table filled with edible fingers (gagging right now but can appreciate the humor)!!  Pair with brain bread dip,  babybel cheese eyeballs and eyeball jello shots and you’re off to a creepy-licious start.

The nastiness doesn’t have to stop at the food table, hop on by the dessert table and try not to get queasy:

The  rock candy is a great touch and actually something we’ll touch on tomorrow when we talk about some of your activity options for the Scientist Party.  Whether you’re ready to DIY some cookies using a  cookie cutter, or prefer leaving it to the pros, there’s something for everyone!

In the drinks department, dry ice takes your ordinary punch recipe to the next level and anything you want to add to really gross your guests out (floating ice hands, worms, etc.) is just icing on the creepy cake:

Did you see the straw in the flask used as a drinking glass above?  In case you missed it here it is one more time:

Sometimes putting little decor/activity details to work with your food/drink spread can help ease the blow of spending money on these items!  Super cute idea!!  We can also do h20 water bottle labels, along with coordinating paper straws if you’d rather go that direction.

Tomorrow (as I mentioned) we’ll be chatting all about activity and favor ideas for the  Scientist Party so come on back here for that, and enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any blog post this week!

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