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We’ve chatted all about reindeer this week.  From Donner’s Desserts to Pin the Nose on Rudolph to dressing your guests up like reindeer.  We’ve chatted all about reindeer this week.  Here’s everything we chatted about in a quick nutshell:

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Nobody’s gonna be left out from joining any reindeer games at the Reindeer Party!

First thing’s first… each kiddo will need to get into character:

 Pick up a reindeer nose and antlers at your local party store or online and these can also double as party favors!

Once your guests are all set you can get moving on a couple Reindeer Games:

“Hot Present” – just like Hot Potato but kids will pass a gift around in a circle

Winner gets to open the gift and take home the prize inside!

“Musical Sleighs” – dazzle up your chairs and call them sleighs and have those little reindeers hustle around trying to nab a sleigh before the Christmas music stops!

“Pin the nose on Rudolph” – no need for a donkey, we’ll customize this party game for ya, just drop us a convo!

If your guests are staying a while (perhaps for a slumber party), moving things to a TV room where guests can watch the original “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” is the perfect way to end the night!  Strange to think that many of these kids may have never seen this movie!!


 buy the movie online right here!
movie images: 1,2,3,4,5

For party favors we’re really enjoying  these reindeer candy bars:

 too cute right!?

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We want to be sure that Rudolph doesn’t steal all of the thunder at your next Reindeer Party so for the menu we’d like to give all of his fellow reindeer a shout.  Purchase custom tented food labels from our shop for just $2 each and include the different dishes we’ve suggested below!

 Dasher’s donuts:

Dancer’s deviled eggs:

Prancer’s peanuts:

Vixen’s veggies:

Comet’s cocoa:

Cupid’s cupcakes:

Donner’s Dessert:

Blitzen’s Berries:

(fill the cones with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries)

Rudolph’s Rolls:

these may or may not be sandwiches disguised as rolls.

To compliment your large array of “Santa’s Reindeer Eats” how about some RootDeer Drinks:

or reindeer water bottles:

So many fun ideas and with 9 different reindeer to work with you’ve got an excuse to use all of them!

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Rudolph and his friends have come a long way since first hitting the scene in 1939:

Whether you’re interested in hosting a party featuring a more vintage Rudy or a more updated depiction, there’s a party for that!  We can customize whatever you have in mind, just drop us a line over on Etsy!

Stay tuned this week for a bunch of unique food and drink ideas that pair great with the reindeer party along with favors and activity ideas to keep the kiddos thoroughly entertained.  As always we’ll be giving away a free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop, all you have to do is leave a comment on any post this week and you’re entered to win!